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A little paragraph from my novel
Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 5:24 PM
Steal this and I will hunt you down and make sure you don't do it ever again.

"Mr. Reeves!"
I knew whom the voice belonged to. The young writer, the man who would not leave me alone, the one soul on Earth that pushed me to the point of insanity. Sadly, due to the fact that I had a heart, I waited for him to catch up to me.

Song of the Night: Chapter 4
Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 6:23 AM

We made our way to Ciar. Again, it wasn’t my favorite place, but the rewards we pretty good, and I could get the item I needed, the thing that I went into Alby dungeon about six times in a row to get enough of the item. We did the dungeon quickly and made it to the boss. I was surprised that the two of them were actually pretty good at doing dungeons quickly. But then again, they were elves and they were faster than humans and giants.

I stopped in a room a long the way to the final room and picked up the item I had been searching for. Mana herbs, it was said that bears loved them, and truth be told, they did. “Hurry up!” Madonna shouted from the other room as she charged her fire. I got up and sprinted into the room. The plan was to mele it until it was no more. I swung both swords at it, and was sent flying, almost dead; I hadn’t been that low on health in a ling time.

I finally understood why Madonna was smiling… we were doing Ciar advanced. I charged up my fire as well and summoned my silver fox Ishikuo, the only pet I had at the time. I gave the command to it to attack and smash the golem. Finally, after about 5 resurrections, all of them on me, the golem fell and faded away. I sighed and fell to my knees. I hate golems. We all ran into the treasure room and got our rewards. Mainly gold, and of course, more mana herbs for me. I smiled. I had enough to buy a horse, but I hesitated. Well, until Kimk convinced me to buy one.

“I have to go to a few places, I’ll see you around, okay?” I waved good-bye to them and rode off. First was to go see Tarlach, in his bear form. The only time he could eat mana herbs was in his bear form and it would help keep him alive. I befriended him a while back, mainly because I brought him mana herbs and talked to him. There was snow everywhere in Sidhe Sneactha. So I usually brought my winter jacket with me. I rode my new horse through the Snowman’s Tomb, and all the way to the alter. He was still in his bear form so I had made it in time.

I gave him the mana herbs and happily waited until he turned back into his human form. It was only for a short while that I could talk to him, so we usually talked about random topics. Like the Snowman’s tomb and who took the time to make so many snowmen. Once, when he wasn’t looking, I threw a snowball at the back of his head. I got a short laugh out of it.

Song of the Night: Chapter 3
at 5:42 AM

I agreed to go to Ciar, even though I didn’t want to. I had a feeling Kimk would beg me until I went though. Madonna said there was a person who would be joining us; they called him Saw, mainly because no one could remember his name. We ran through the Grasslands, not really caring about the wolves. I rode on Kimk’s horse, since I hadn’t bought one yet. I blocked her view because of my height, and all I could do the whole way was say I was sorry. I mean, what else can you do when you’re slow and tall.

Along the way, I thought about what it would be like to have an elf ride on a giant’s horse. It would be scary… in fact I would probably cry if I had that happen when I was in my elf form. I rarely used my elf form, mainly because I was weak when I was in it. I had two elf forms, and a human. All of them we’re made to be used as a team, both elves made money in Longa dungeon, and my human shopped for all three accounts, since it takes a while for the elves to get back to Filia.

I had been saving up for the New York Mario Dress, but I had to spend my money to pay for repairs for my swords. I hated having to do that, but it was the only way I would be able to fight to get the money. I was a pretty high level, and I duel-welded so I was even stronger. It was odd though, a strong character, which was an average size woman, with bright eyes, silver hair, and a usual smiling face. You would never be able to guess my level.

Song of the Night: Chapter 2
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 6:18 AM

“Hey wait up!” Someone said running towards Kimk and myself. Another young girl stood in front of me only after a few seconds. She was fast, but then again, Elves were much faster than humans. It looked a bit awkward, me, a tall human, with two small kids. I looked like their mother. Which of course became my nickname. Her name was Madonna, she acted more mature then Kimk, her personality really didn’t match how she looked, but then again, I was the same.

“Kimk! I said wait up, you just ran off without me!” She was furious. Kimk hid behind me. “Eeeekkk! o_o
I laughed as Madonna chased Kimk around me in circles. They paused and then laughed along. They acted just like sisters. We all sat down and talked for a little while.

“So what’s your name?” Kimk asked. “Well, its Albireostar.” I answered. It was an odd name, but it was mine. “Your name is too long… you need a nickname.” Madonna said, trying to think. “Star :D” Kimk shouted. “You can be Star!” She danced around me. She summoned a small bear and made it dance along with her.

“Hey, wanna do Ciar Dungeon?” Madonna asked, there was a smirk on her face and I didn’t know if it was a good one, or one I would end up regretting if I made a decision.
“Never been there before. What’s the boss?” I never did Ciar, mainly because of the boss. I knew it quite well. In fact I had tried it before, but I tried the advanced dungeon. Alone.

I died when I got to the boss, which was a huge Golem. Out of all of the monsters, I hated Golems. On one of my trips to Filia, the elf town I the desert, which I might like to add that its not a good place to wear a fur coat. I encountered the Emerald Golem there. Once again, it fueled my hatred for Golems.

“It’s a Golem! >w<” Kimk said happily. She was clearly he happiest one here. Madonna kept smiling, it was kind of scaring me.

Song of the Night: Chapter 1
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 8:20 AM
Tir, my hometown, if you want to call it that. I wasn't given a choice about it, If I did have one though, I'd pick Emain Macha, it was my favorite town. I sat in the general shop, as I usually did when I wasn't going into a dungeon, or doing a quest. How I got here is still really a mystery to me. A girl named Nao sent me here, I don't know much about here, but I have a strange urge to know all of Erinn's history.

I sat up and went to do my daily routine of playing music in the town circle. As I played, a stranger approached me. They we're short, my guess would be about 10 years old. "Can I buy that scroll?" they asked, I presumed it was a boy. "I'm sorry but I haven't finished writing it. I'll be done in a minute though." I answered sincerely. I have trouble with writing music sometimes, but people are always asking me to sell them my scrolls.

I suddenly received a message , I had been invited to a duel. I didn't like them, but I almost always won. I didn't know who it was against, but I just wanted to get it over with. I clicked yes and was about to switch my instrument with my swords when I heard a skill charge. I tried to switch as fast as I could but I was down in an instant.

The only text that appeared was, "Later :D"

It bugs me that it wasn't really a fair duel, but then again I did agree. It turns out it was the person who wanted to buy the scroll from me. What a good image for my business. I continued to buy scrolls and then sell them for about an hour. Composing kept draining my stamina and I was running low on gold. People always think I'm a newbie, but I've actually been around for a very long time. I just didn't do anything for about 8 or 9 months.

I wanted to go visit my favorite person, Nele. He was a traveling musician, but also a kind sweet individual who had stolen my heart. Of course I had other people who I loved, but Nele seemed to have a special place in my heart. My horse was dead, and I barely had any gold. The trip to Emain Macha was dangerous and I would most likely die along the way if I went by foot.

I played a few songs while I thought. Another person approached me, I sighed and waited for them to talk.
"Ello! o3o" It was a girl, also young, her name apparently was Kimk. She seemed a little hyper, but she was also nice, so I talked with her for a while.

Mabinogi! Love the game o//w//o Love Nele!
at 7:58 AM

Okay so, I've played this game for almost a year, but had to quit for about 8 or 9 months. I'm still making up for the things I haven't done as my human character. I just recently got an elf, which if you are new to the game remember: ELF'S CANNOT DUEL-WIELD!!! Don't waste your money on buying 2 swords for an elf.

Nele is an NPC in Emain Macha, and I love him to pieces. He is the music guy who is in the square of the town. I have a list of the NPCs I love, but that will be another post.

Here's a few tips for the game, mainly from personal experience:


-Cannot duel-wield.
-Are fast
-Mainly good with bows and arrows
-Hate to say it, but kind of weak
-Can use L-rod and you get one for free at the beginning of the game if you are an elf. COMPLETE THE FULL TUTORIAL FROM VENA TO GET IT ALONG WITH SOME VERY IMPORTANT SKILLS!!!
-Cannot enter giant village
-Low defence


-Slow like humans
-Cannot play an instrument (Might be able to play percussion in further generations)
-Attack is high along with defence
-Cannot enter elf village


-Not much to say on them, except for first time users, its better to have one.
-SLOW D:<>


-Personally, I'm choosing not to because I really love my character, it took a long time to get her to where she is and how she looks, so I really don't want to have to change her. If push comes to shove however, then I may be forced to rebirth.

I am a low level on my elf, but I have advanced knowledge of the game. So if you ever need help with a quest, send me a message.

Mari server: Albireostar (Usually on channel 1 or 7)
Mari server: Miharukou (Usually on channel 1 or 7)

My characters look pretty noobish, but its because I really am not interested in getting clothes, I just want to get through what I missed.


Finally a blog!~
Monday, April 27, 2009 at 8:33 AM
So your probably wondering how you stumbled upon my blog. Well you either have seen my website, my YouTube, or you randomly googled something.

The name of this blog is:
Song of the Night: Chuu~!

Now about 99% of people have no idea why I named it that. Well, I'll explain. "Song of the Night" or "夜の歌" (If I got the translation right...)

Its a song from the VOCALOID Kaito. Please don't make me explain what a VOCALOID is. Google it!!! D:<

So I translated the song, and I happen to have the only english translation on the web... which is a first for me. It happens to be one of my favorite songs other than Servent of Evil, Island Song, SPICE!
...I have a lot of favorite songs...

So this actually is mainly a blog about my story for a game called Mabinogi. Read my other posts to see what it is or just google it.